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TPO is a thermoplastic material that is specifically designed for flat roofs. This is a common roofing system for industrial buildings. Due to it being a long-lasting and durable roof, it is the practical choice. The material has a high resistance to punctures and is the ultimate solution to water build-up on your roof.

How does TPO fight water build up on a flat roof?

  •  The material alone is water resistant, meaning any water collected will not seep through.
  • TPO is adhered to the base of a roof, when installed properly, there are no spaces or gaps. Meaning there is no way for water to get in to create rot.

How is TPO better than underlayment?

  • While a solid underlayment, such as ice and water shield is effective, it is not the solution for every roof. Ice and water shield does prevent water from reaching the decking underneath, preventing rot. However, this is a system meant for a roof with a slope.
  • TPO is ultimately sturdier and designed specifically for the purpose of fighting water build up. Ice and water shield fights water, however it is not designed to fight against holding water for long periods of time. Ice and water shield is meant for areas where water commonly flows through, not where it is held.

How to incorporate TPO on a residential home:

  •  Most homeowners will not choose to incorporate TPO on their entire roof. It is ideal for areas that are flat, for example where two slopes meet might create a dead valley. This is where water and debris will collect and hold for months at a time. Ultimately causing rot and deuteration of your roof. Implementing this roof system in those areas is the best solution that will last years.


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